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hold by Mind Map: hold

1. hold in

1.1. tr: сдерживать

1.2. sin: restrain

1.3. ex: It can be bad for you to hold in anger

2. hold on

2.1. tr: ждать

2.2. sin: wait

2.3. ex: We’ll hold on another minute, then we’ll have to go.

3. hold to

3.1. tr: продолжать, придерживаться

3.2. sin: continue; stick

3.3. ex: The western democracies held to their policy of non-intervention

4. hold up

4.1. tr: удерживать в положении

4.2. sin: refrain

4.3. ex: Her legs were almost too shaky to hold her up.

5. hold back

5.1. tr: удерживать от

5.2. sin: refrain

5.3. ex: Her parents worried that her classmates were holding her back.

6. hold down

6.1. tr: удерживать на месте

6.2. sin: refrain

6.3. ex: They put a cloth on the grass and stones on the edge to hold it down

7. hold off

7.1. tr: медлить

7.2. sin: procrastinate

7.3. ex: How much longer can they hold off on political reform?

8. hold out

8.1. tr: быть достаточным

8.2. sin: suffice

8.3. ex: How long will your money hold out?

9. hold over

9.1. tr: перенести на другое время

9.2. sin: reschedule

9.3. ex: One session was held over until this evening

10. hold with

10.1. tr: мириться с; одобрять

10.2. sin: condone; approve

10.3. ex: He won’t be able to hold with her behavior.