First World War

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First World War by Mind Map: First World War

1. Geographical location and chronological time

1.1. Thousands of kilometers from the Western Front of Europe, precisely in Togo, a colony in Germany that later lost.

1.2. Start and end date

1.2.1. 28 July 1914 - November 11, 1918

2. Causes

2.1. Murder of Archduke Francisco Fernando of Austria

2.2. Rivalry between the imperialist powers

2.3. Alliances were a consequence of differences between nations

2.4. Permanent economic and political conflicts.

2.5. The Anglo-German, Russian-German and Austro-Russian conflict fight for rivalry, power or justice.

3. Involved

3.1. Great powers of the world

3.1.1. The Allies of the Triple Entente (France, Great Britain and Russia)

3.1.2. las Potencias Centrales de la Triple Alianza (agrupaba a los imperios alemán, austro-húngaro e Italia).

3.2. Hostilities involve 32 countries

3.2.1. France, Germany, Britain, Russia, Serbia, Belgium, Canadá, Portugal, Japan, Bulgaria, Turkey, the United States (since 1917), as well as Italy, among others.

3.2.2. Allies France, the United Kingdom and Russia.

4. Consequences

4.1. Deaths

4.1.1. France 1.4 million dead and 4.2 million injured.

4.1.2. Germany 2 million dead and 4.2 million injured

4.1.3. Austria-Hungary 1.4 million dead and 3.6 million injured.

4.1.4. Russia 2 million dead and 5 million injured

4.1.5. United Kingdom and its empire 960,000 dead and 2 million injured.

4.1.6. Italy 600,000 dead and one million injured.

4.1.7. Ottoman Empire 800,000 dead.

4.2. Destruction of cities and towns

4.2.1. Gernika Reduced to ashes

4.2.2. Budapest The Chain Bridge, sunk

4.2.3. Dresde Razed by bombs

4.2.4. Varsovia They destroyed the city completely, 80% of Warsaw disappeared

4.2.5. Manila An almost complete destruction of its fabric.

4.2.6. Rotterdam Destroying completely

4.3. Technological advances, medicine and strategy

4.3.1. Orthopedics

4.3.2. Vaccinations

4.3.3. Blood transfusion

4.3.4. Flight simulator

4.3.5. The conquest of the heavens

4.3.6. Firepower.

4.3.7. Gallipoli trenches

4.3.8. Flamethrower

4.3.9. Canyons

4.3.10. Telephone station

4.3.11. Ambulances

5. Start of confrontation

5.1. Between Austria-Hungary and Serbia.

6. Weapons

6.1. Rifles, automatic weapons and heavy artillery, the fortifications were reinforced.

7. Strategies

7.1. Both contestants trained together in a sinuous line of fortified positions that stretched from the North Sea to the Swiss border with France.

8. End

8.1. The world undertakes not to allow another war to occur, but after two decades they came back to face and use the same technology that had generated the First World War, causing more deaths and more political, environmental and social problems.