habits successful students


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habits successful students by Mind Map: habits successful students

1. passion

1.1. The students in our study had found a major that was interesting and important to them.

2. social support

2.1. Successful students are involved with other people.

3. Talk to Professors

3.1. Students who talk to professors in the first six weeks of classes are more likely to stay in university.

4. organization

4.1. There is no right way to be organized. Different people need different approaches

5. Strategic & Resourceful

5.1. Successful students have a habit of thinking about upcoming demands and taking advantage of available resources to prepare for them.

6. balance

6.1. Get sleep, exercise, eat properly, and spend time with people you care about and on your other interests.

7. committed

7.1. Successful students make a commitment to do what it takes to be successful.