Bandit Business Plan

Bandit Business.

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Bandit Business Plan by Mind Map: Bandit Business Plan

1. Risks

1.1. There are not many risks but some of them are people might not trust the program and might not participate or we might not receive and donations from people willing to help.

2. Problem

2.1. The problem that bandit will solve is millennials in the streets with no parents being forced or willingly going into gangs, because they think it is cool or fun.

3. Market

3.1. There is not many people out the doing something about this but there is some organisations trying to help out, some people would say they are competitors but as long as everyone is being helped we a allies.

4. Image References

4.1. The images were not working it keeps saying i have to buy something i tried many times i cant seem to fix it.

5. Costs

5.1. All costs will be funded by donations or the money put together by the people in the company, the money will not be to difficult to start we are planning on going into schools and talking about gangs and violence the we will start our headquarters