Strategic Thinking Skills


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Strategic Thinking Skills by Mind Map: Strategic Thinking Skills

1. Strategic thinking occurs at all levels of the organization

1.1. It is one of those unwritten parts of all job descriptions.

2. what steps can you take to be more strategic in your current role?

2.1. everybody who develop four key skills that demonstrate their strategic dexterity.

2.1.1. Know: Observe and Seek Trends In order to be strategic, you need a solid understanding of: The industry context The trends The business drivers

2.1.2. Think: Ask the Tough Questions “How do I broaden what I consider?” you need see:

2.1.3. Speak: Sound Strategic They prioritize and sequence their thoughts. They structure their verbal and written communication in a way that helps their audience focus on their core message.

2.1.4. Act: Make Time for Thinking and Embrace Conflict Evaluate her tasks based on urgency and importance Stephen Covey’s 2 x 2 matrix Embrace debate and to invite challenge without letting it get personal so that she could ask tough questions. Clarify her decision-making criteria