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Brainstorming by Mind Map: Brainstorming

1. Flipping tables

2. Blog topics/ideas

2.1. Recipes using Hemp hearts/CBD Honey

2.1.1. Overnight Oats

2.1.2. Pumpkin muffins/muffins in general

2.1.3. Smoothies/protein shakes

2.1.4. Sprinkle on avocado toast or PB&J Toast

2.1.5. adding it to granola in yogurt

2.1.6. Pumpkin bread/banana bread-baking in general

2.1.7. Throw on a salad

2.1.8. make an oil to dip bread in using oil, vinegar and hemp hearts

2.1.9. Use it as a crust for meats+ to panko or bread crumbs to increase protein content-meatballs

2.1.10. stuffing (thanksgiving stuffing)

2.1.11. add on to bagels and sandwiches

2.1.12. Make hemp oil or hemp milk

2.1.13. Power balls/protein bars

2.1.14. Topping on ice cream (in place of or in addition to nuts)

2.1.15. topping for acai bowls

2.1.16. honey in hot teas or even coffees-recently had a honey/cinnamon latte that was delicious

2.1.17. you can put honey on baked potatoes instead of brown sugar as a healthier alternative

2.1.18. can also add honey to overnight oats and yogurt

2.2. Could we have guest writers write about their personal experiences using our products?

2.3. Hemp Holiday guide

2.4. How Hemp is used around the world

2.5. Top uses for hemp

2.6. Different ways to use specific products

2.7. The ABCs of CBD

2.8. Hemp: More than just CBD

3. Event Training

3.1. Set up mock event/take pictures of table set up-etc.

3.2. Create an event handout with set up explanations/things needed for an event set up/important contact information

3.3. Coming up with event protocol-I.E, pick up items day before event, return items next business day-responsible for cleaning, etc., etc.

3.4. Figure out what to do with table cloths in between events (do we get them dry cleaned? Who does this?)

3.5. Can we create an in-person retail training, or maybe we do a video/presentation?