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Astronaut by Mind Map: Astronaut

1. Formations

1.1. Engineering

1.1.1. Exact and Biological Ciences Have at least three years of experience in some graduation above Speak English

2. Some skills

2.1. Patience

2.1.1. Dedication

2.1.2. Teamwork Integrity Availability to travel

3. Training courses in Texas

3.1. Skydiving

3.1.1. Diving Piloting

4. bnvcj

4.1. In both the United States and the Soviet Union, no women were initially selected for spaceflight training. In 1962, however, the Soviet Union chose five women as cosmonaut apprentices. One of them, Valentina Terechkova, traveled on an artificial satellite orbiting the earth in June 1963, becoming the first woman to go into outer space. Already the first female astronaut in the United States was Sally Ride, who was aboard the Challenger space shuttle in June 1983.