5th Floor - R&D 💘 movies

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5th Floor - R&D 💘 movies by Mind Map: 5th Floor - R&D 💘 movies

1. DevOps / Continuous Delivery

1.1. Jez Humble: Continuous Delivery - sounds great, but it won't work here

1.2. GOTO 2016 - Dave Farley - Acceptance Testing

1.2.1. Parallelize your tests

1.2.2. Use executable specifications

1.2.3. Test isolated components, and test contracts separately

1.2.4. Simulate problem conditions

1.2.5. Play with time - advance / forward

1.3. Metrics and measures

1.3.1. The Development Metrics You Should Use (but Don’t) • Catherine Swetel

1.3.2. DevOps Works Only When You Do It Right - Nicole Forsgren

2. HumanFactor

2.1. Cultivating Bottom Up Architecture

2.1.1. Martin Fowler & Birgitta Böckeler - Cultivating Architecture Share business goals and missio Non functional) requirements sliders * Define architectural principles with techies & business. Architectural principles. Record the decisions - ADR

2.2. Agile

2.2.1. Return to / beyond the Agile Manifesto https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_y2pNj0zZg&t=228s GOTO 2015 • Agile is Dead • Pragmatic Dave Thomas Returning to the Heart of Agile with Alistair Cockburn Agile is for Wimps - Alistair Cockburn Ken Schwaber and Allistair Cockburn

2.2.2. Problem Solving Teams

2.2.3. Scaling Agile Scrum at Scale • Jeff Sutherland Not exactly a "return to", but Jeff talks about the fact that 60% of "agile scrum teams" fail delivering software Ken Schwaber - Scaling Scrum to Sustain Productivity Maximize team autonomy Integrate soon and often Productivity does not scale linear with number of teams + there 's a max to the number of teams to stay efficient nexus: more certificates ! 💰

2.3. High performance teams

2.3.1. Jez Humble - Building and Scaling High Performing Technology Organizations

2.3.2. GOTO 2017 • Patterns of Effective Teams • Dan North

2.4. Reboot Your Team by Christina Wodtke - Mind the Product

2.5. Politics & Hierarchy: How We Create It & How to Stop

3. Software Architecture

3.1. Event Driven

3.1.1. GOTO 2017 • The Many Meanings of Event-Driven Architecture • Martin Fowler Event Carried State Transfer Event Sourcing Asynchrony

3.1.2. What do you mean by “Event-Driven”?

3.2. Databases

3.2.1. GOTO 2012 • Database as a Value • Rich Hickey

3.3. Microservices

3.3.1. Avoiding Microservice Megadisasters - Jimmy Bogard

3.3.2. Interview with Sam Newman "Independant deployable services that work together" Start with modular monolith and move to microservice when problem domain is better understood organisational boundaries can be a reason to break up ==> team autonomy Size doesn't matter ! But manage the cost of creating a new service, the rest wil follow

4. Software Engineering

4.1. GOTO 2016 • The Future of Software Engineering • Mary Poppendieck

4.2. Taking Back "Software Engineering": Craftsmanship is not Enough by Dave Farley at #AgileIndia2019

4.3. Simplicity Matters by Rich Hickey

4.4. Beyond Developer • Dan North

4.5. GOTO 2017 • Engineering You • Martin Thompson

4.6. "Uncle" Bob Martin - "The Future of Programming"

5. Techniques

5.1. 3X

5.1.1. Kent Beck - 3x Explore, Expand, Extract

5.2. Componentization

5.2.1. GOTO 2018 • Modular Monoliths • Simon Brown One package per layer One package per feature Port adapter stuff One package per component Model to code gap Unit test your Java architecture The C4 model for visualising software architecture

5.3. DDD

5.3.1. oDDs and enDDs - Vaughn Vernon

5.4. Refactoring

5.4.1. Martin Fowler - Software Design in the 21st Century

5.5. BDD

5.5.1. Feature Injection Feature Injection by Chris Matts

5.5.2. Dan North: "BDD Is Not About Testing"

5.6. TDD

5.6.1. How deep are your unit tests?