Types of Validity (Evaluating Test)

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Types of Validity (Evaluating Test) by Mind Map: Types of Validity (Evaluating Test)

1. Consequential

1.1. The social consequences of using a particular test for a particular purpose.

1.1.1. Why did a particular subgroup perform poorly on the same test?

2. Construct Validity

2.1. Does the test measure what it has been created to measure?

2.1.1. Convergent Validity Two different test that have been created to measure skills or knowledge rank the students similarly.

2.1.2. Discriminant Validity Evidence that two test that do not measure related skills or types of knowledge do not correlate (the test rank the students differently).

3. Content Validity

3.1. Do the test questions match the content/subject area?

3.1.1. Face Validty Is there alignment between the content and test questions? Is it a reasonable test?

3.1.2. Content-Related Evident of Validity Do the content and testing experts agree with the content/questions of the test?

3.1.3. Curricular Validity Does the test content match the objectives?

4. Criterion-Related Validity

4.1. This is the relationship between test scores and the outcome. For example SAT scores predict your college performance.

4.1.1. Concurrent Validity Are the test scores between the new test and the established test similar?

4.1.2. Predictive Validity How well does the test predict the behavior of the examinees?