My Vacation Plan


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My Vacation Plan by Mind Map: My Vacation Plan

1. South Korea🇰🇷

1.1. Seoul

1.1.1. Visit N Seoul Tower to take selfie🤳

1.2. Seoul Land

1.2.1. Ride all the rides in Seoul land park

1.3. Nami Island

1.3.1. Just to relax

2. Canda🇨🇦

2.1. Toronto

2.1.1. Toronto's CN Tower

2.1.2. Have lunch in restaurant with the view of the city

2.2. The Butchart Gardens

2.2.1. Take selfies🤳 and to enjoy different flowers🌹

2.3. Vancouver

2.3.1. Eat delicious pastries

3. New York 🇦🇨

3.1. Central Park

3.1.1. Going to Momofuku Milk Bar

3.2. Times Square

3.2.1. To see broadway shows

3.3. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

3.3.1. See diffrent paintings and art

3.4. The Statue of Liberty National Monument

3.4.1. Take a selfie🤳

4. Paris🇫🇷

4.1. Eiffel Tower

4.1.1. To take selfies and to see how romantic it is

4.2. Famous Cafes

4.2.1. To have my dinner

4.3. Le Bristol Paris Hotel

4.3.1. Just to have rest