Triple Bottom Line Entrepreneurship

Triple Bottom Line Entrepreneurship

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Triple Bottom Line Entrepreneurship by Mind Map: Triple Bottom Line Entrepreneurship

1. Before this businesses were only concerned about profits and revenues.

1.1. Then companies changed and began caring about environment.

2. Sustainability

2.1. Effective utilization of natural resources.

2.1.1. "GREEN" concept

3. Corporate social responsibility

3.1. To care for the environment and society

4. Created by

4.1. John Elkington in 1994

5. It is

5.1. The accounting framework that incorporates social and environmental factors along with financial aspects.

6. 3 Ps

6.1. Planet

6.1.1. To reduce its ecological footprint and manage natural resources properly.

6.2. People

6.2.1. Benefit the society and ensures human working conditions.

6.3. Profits

6.3.1. Recognize that "profit" is not diametrically opposed to "people" and "planet".

7. Focus on

7.1. Social and environmental measures