Vision 2020 - Youth Leadership Jackson

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Vision 2020 - Youth Leadership Jackson by Mind Map: Vision 2020 - Youth Leadership Jackson

1. Alumni Board to help with oversight and fundraising

1.1. Could be the beginning of a bigger alumni network

1.2. Our cohort will function as the initial alumni board

1.3. Get past alumni involved, so they stay connected

2. Focus Group of 19 youth to provide feedback and serve as pilot group second half of this year

2.1. Service to community- each student complete a mini service project of their choosing (acts of kindness, gathering donations for food pantry, collecting eyeglasses, establishing a little free library or pantry, collecting hygiene products and starting a donation closet at their school, etc.

2.1.1. Us to serve as "mentor" to a student and potentially assist them with their project

2.2. Local and state government- Introduce students to governmental agencies in JC, as well as potentially take them to the state capitol for a visit with reps.

3. Committee to work on logistics of program -- application and selection process, schedule, session build out, etc.

3.1. Sessions that mirror some of ours, but get input from kids to determine what they most want to learn about as well --- Economic Development, Government, Community Service, trip to Gold Dome, etc.

3.2. Look at examples of other Youth leadership programs such as Youth Leadership Oconee, Gordon County Youth Leadership, Youth leadership Athens, Youth leadership Henry, etc.