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mADDIE by Mind Map: mADDIE

1. 1. Analyse

1.1. This phase is when learners' needs and the desired outcomes are determined i.e. the who, what, where, when, how

1.1.1. Who is the audience; what are their needs

1.1.2. Research and identify available resources

1.1.3. Identify timelines and constraints

2. 2. Design

2.1. This phase is when decisions are made as to what the training will look like

2.1.1. Develop design, layout, format, storyboarding, UX and so forth

2.1.2. Develop required materials/resources, assessments, feedback, duration, so forth.

2.1.3. Design prototype and seek feedback

3. 3. Develop

3.1. This phase is when the training is created

3.1.1. Create materials/resources

3.1.2. Promote and advertise course

3.1.3. Upload/insert materials/content into LMS

3.1.4. UX testing and seek feedback

4. 4. Implement

4.1. This phase is when the training is delivered

4.1.1. Conduct training

4.1.2. Monitor performance

4.1.3. Advise and troubleshoot

5. 5. Evaluate

5.1. This phase is when the training is evaluated, issues addressed and improvements enacted accordingly

5.1.1. Conduct evaluations with users and stakeholders

5.1.2. Implement any feedback/improvements

5.1.3. Monitor performance post-feedback

5.1.4. Undertake continuous improvement