Elements of reading comprehension and metacognition

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Elements of reading comprehension and metacognition by Mind Map: Elements of reading comprehension and metacognition

1. Cartoons are largely pictorial and they provide a fresh way to examine the role of background knowledge,inferences and metacognition on your understanding

1.1. Background knowlwdge and inferences. you have to interpret the pictures and words , you need to engage your background knowledge to recognize the characters

2. Decoding and vocabulary

2.1. First of all we need to decode the words and the meaning, make an inference to conclude that the bugs are watching a horror movie and finally find the clues in the cartoon

3. Metacognition

3.1. We use metacognition to recognize and repair understanding when something we read does not make sense

4. Text structure

4.1. The text stucture help us make predictions about what will come next, what to expect

5. Workin in literature response groups

5.1. Three to six students

5.1.1. Read piece of literature Make a discussion

6. How to response to literature assists english language learners

6.1. Opportunity to enjoy good literature

6.1.1. Negotiate the meaning of stories Discussion becomes routine Social interaccion

7. Extensive reading

7.1. The foundation of every reading program

7.1.1. Do a lot of daily reading Create a risck free environment Encourages daily reading

8. Developmental phases in second language reading

9. Steps that prepare students to work in response groups

9.1. They read good literature to students daily and ask for individual responses infomally

9.1.1. They share with students their own responses to characters dilemmas. They help students connect the characters and situations to decisions and circunstances in their own lives. They encourage different views of the literature