Proposed Governance for Priority Projects

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Proposed Governance for Priority Projects by Mind Map: Proposed Governance for Priority Projects

1. Project Charter

1.1. Required for:

1.1.1. Implemented for priority projects first

1.1.2. All projects

1.1.3. Ongoing programs with subprojects Paving Vehicle Replacement Program Technology Replacement Fund

1.2. Data points:

1.2.1. Project Name

1.2.2. Project Type

1.2.3. Address

1.2.4. Owner

1.2.5. Manager

1.2.6. Objectives

1.2.7. Scope

1.2.8. Phase

1.2.9. Key dates

1.2.10. Budget

2. Project Initial Status Meeting

2.1. Required for:

2.1.1. All priority projects first

2.1.2. All projects that have not yet been initiated

2.1.3. Others?

2.2. Submit project charter prior to meeting

2.3. Notification required via Basecamp

2.4. Checklist for project kickoff meeting

3. Project Status Meetings

3.1. Monthly meetings with

3.1.1. YFD Centers

3.1.2. Parks/Open Spaces

3.1.3. Public Works

3.1.4. CDOT

3.2. What we cover

3.2.1. Key projects status

3.2.2. Roadblocks

3.2.3. Collaboration needs

3.2.4. Future threats/opportunities

3.3. Priority Projects Bi-Weekly Virtual Standup

3.3.1. For all priority projects

3.3.2. 30 minute bi-weekly status meeting

3.3.3. Project managers report on Key projects status Roadblocks Collaboration needs Future threats/opportunities

3.4. ChattaData (needs further definition)

4. Improving Our Work

4.1. PM Software

4.2. PM Training

4.3. PM Consultant

4.4. Monthly Roundtable for Project Managers

4.4.1. Discover best practices

4.4.2. Identify systemic issues

4.4.3. Discuss support mechanisms

4.4.4. Assist with problem-solving

5. Project Decision-Making

5.1. Project Ownership

5.1.1. Project owners are designated for all projects, priority first

5.1.2. Project owners are responsible for: The project "what" and "why" Project vision Stakeholder engagement Specifying project requirements Managing changes

5.2. Mayoral Oversight

5.2.1. Weekly Project Standup Meeting

5.2.2. Bi-weekly meeting with JS

5.2.3. 1:1s with departments

5.2.4. Weekly meetings with COO

5.2.5. Project status meetings for priority projects

5.2.6. Project status dashboard

5.2.7. ChattaData

5.3. Change Management

5.3.1. Changes that trigger reporting Changes to scope Changes to budget Addition over $10,000 Deletion over $10,000 Changes to schedule Greater than two weeks overall schedule change

5.3.2. Reporting Online form submission Email notifications sent to Project Oversight Committee Capital Planning reviews requests Oversight Committee members flag requests of concern within 24 hours Requests of concern must be approved by Project Oversight Committee Approval or denial within 48 hours