Project Problems

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Project Problems by Mind Map: Project Problems

1. People Problems

1.1. Skateholders

1.1.1. different stakeholders, different ideas SOLVING 2 kick-off meeting QUESTION FOR SOLVING Were you assertive enough at the meeting? Did you even have a meeting? Did you get it properly written down?

1.2. Our team members

1.2.1. not engage with project SOLVING involving your team as much as you can make plan together dont under-estimate them QUESTIONS FOR SOLVING Is your team fully involved as much as possible? Are there any individuals who you've left out? Are there any stages of the process where you could involve your team more?

2. Quality Problems

2.1. customer being unhappy with what they get delivered at the end

2.1.1. SOLVING clearly define at the start what the customer's gonna get

2.1.2. QUESTIONS FOR SOLVING Have you defined everything in writing at the beginning? And if not, it's never too late to send them a clarification email saying, "Can I just be really clear "about what this part here means?

2.2. How to define quality (Quality is not satisfy)

2.2.1. SOLVING determine how good they are (Scope)

2.2.2. QUESTIONS FOR SOLVING What are we gonna get? And how do we measure the quality of each of those deliverables? So maybe you could think about the project you're working on at the moment and just ask yourself, "Have I clearly defined everything that the customer's gonna get? And for each of those things, what are the attributes that define the quality of those items?"

3. Cost Problems

3.1. Cost more than expected

3.1.1. Because of things were forgotten SOLVING list all the tasks required in a project Involve everyone who's gonna be working on the project Random brainstorm first, then put it into a systematic diagram

3.2. the failure to generate accurate cost estimates.

3.2.1. SOLVING do something twice don't use the average, don't use the lowest estimate DONT dishonest to add a safety margin on don't add just 10% but add halfway between the average and the worst

3.3. scope creep, the addition of small, extra features to your project

3.3.1. SOLVING to be assertive if the customer says, "Can you do this extra thing?" you must say, "Yes we can do it, "but we would have to charge you for that." say, "Everything must be signed for." having a Change-Request form

3.4. overspending without realizing that you're overspending

3.4.1. SOLVING control the spend profile control the progress Have they done what they should've done in that first year? make Gantt chart

4. Lateness Problems (Time Problems)

4.1. get some of your dependencies wrong or you miss a dependency between one task and another

4.1.1. SOLVING create a network diagram Post-It Note diagram for obvious reasons create Grantt chart

5. Communication Problems

5.1. Teams

5.1.1. they push you into agreeing to the impossible at the start SOLVING make Gantt chart kick-off meeting

5.2. Suppliers

5.2.1. they say they'll deliver parts by certain dates and then they change/late SOLVING Communication plan


5.3.1. How are your communications with your team, your suppliers, and your customers?

5.3.2. Have you got a communications plan agreed with them?

5.3.3. Could you be using your Gantt chart more as a communication tool?