Los Verbos Modales

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Los Verbos Modales by Mind Map: Los Verbos Modales

1. ¿Qué son?

1.1. Son aquellos que en cierto modo no tienen un significado propio o especifico

1.1.1. Expresan permiso, capacidad, posibilidad, etc.

1.2. ¿Cuáles son?

1.2.1. Can, could, may, might, must, need, ought, used, will, shall, should y would.

2. "Can", "could": Indican capacidad

2.1. I can speak five languages

2.2. Joe could speak Spanish when he was young

3. "Can", "could", "may", "might", "must": Indican permiso

3.1. You can drink water right now

3.2. You may park here

3.3. You are allowed to swim here

3.3.1. Sinónimo de can/could

3.4. You must study for that exam

4. "Can", "could", "may", "might": Indican posibilidad

4.1. I can get the tickets for today

4.2. She may-might know where he lives.

4.3. They could be there

4.4. She may have been traveling

5. "Can", "could, "may", "might", "shall": Indican sugerencia

5.1. We can-could go to the cinema

5.2. She might-may come to visit New York

5.3. Shall we meet at the work?

6. "Can´t", "couldn´t", must: Indican deducciones

6.1. You can not have been at the cinema yesterday. It was closed.

6.2. Jhon has a ship and a mansion in London. He must be millionaire.

6.3. This must be the door.

7. "Can", "could", "shall", "will", "would": Indican ofrecimiento

7.1. I can help you with your homework.

7.2. Could I help you with your homework?

7.3. Shall I help you with your homework?

7.4. I will help you with your homework.

7.5. Would I help you with your homework?

8. "Must", "need": Indican necesidad

8.1. You must tell me everything you know.

8.2. Need I travel? Yes, you need.

8.3. You have to clean your room.

9. "Must", "need", "ought", "should", "shall": Indican obligación y consejo

9.1. You must stop drinking.

9.2. You should stop drinking.

9.3. He ought to drink water.

9.4. I drank too much alcohol. What shall I do?

10. "Ought", "should" : Indican probabilidad

10.1. You ought to pass that exam.

10.2. I should finish the homework.

11. "Used", "will", "would": Indican hábito o costumbre

11.1. I used to drink alcohol.

11.2. Every morning I would drink coffe before work.