The Impact of Technology

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The Impact of Technology by Mind Map: The Impact of Technology

1. Asia

1.1. +

1.1.1. 42.8% of the population has access to the Internet

1.1.2. Improves eduaction programs and have new ways of working

1.1.3. New ways of treating diseases and the use of robotic surgery

1.2. -

1.2.1. Fast development of nuclear technology

2. Africa

2.1. +

2.1.1. Improves health care technology, making it accesible

2.1.2. Education had improved thanks to organizations technological donations and support.

2.1.3. Agrotechnology has improved to solve Africa's agriculture ignored problems.

2.1.4. Internet and social media, had a great impact for journalism and social problems such as rape.

2.2. -

2.2.1. Even do technology has improved a lot of things, there still being a digital division, between people with access and people without it.

3. America

3.1. +

3.1.1. Teaching and learning facilities, such as: Online learning, open educational resources, blended learning

3.1.2. Robotic Surgery

3.1.3. Has impacted manufacturing and communication. The rates of production increase efficientlty.

3.2. -

3.2.1. Some people replace outdoor leisure activities with indoor leisure activities.

3.2.2. Technology had made easier daily life, but people don't know how to handle it, moderating the use of it.

4. Oceania

4.1. +

4.1.1. Is leading the world's industries in solar power, development, sustainable resources, and space science research.

4.1.2. 88% of the population have access to the Internet

4.2. -

4.2.1. Not many advances in the whole technology

5. Europe

5.1. +

5.1.1. Great investment in education andhave countries like Sweden that has the highest numbers of computers per classroom.

5.1.2. Development of new technologies like bioenergy, waste and recycling, water resource management. and solar power.

5.1.3. Most of the population has access to the Internet.

5.2. -

5.2.1. Lack of communication in the family had increased in the past years.