Your business developer in the Netherlands, Europ, worldwide

Curriculum Vitae Perry Smit

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Your business developer in the Netherlands, Europ, worldwide by Mind Map: Your business developer in the Netherlands, Europ, worldwide

1. Who?

1.1. Perry Smit

1.1.1. Contact details + 31 652287813 Dorpstraat 35 2152BA Nieuw Vennep Netherlands [email protected] Linkedin:

1.2. Is

1.2.1. Bitcoin Maximalist

1.2.2. Decentralized thinker

2. Why

2.1. Experience

2.1.1. Author of blockchain book with a blockchain behind it and Einstein tokens as currency.

2.1.2. Works this moment for Chamber of Commerce Netherlands as Innovator Blockchain Expert Business Owner

2.1.3. 15 year entrepreneur experience (software development, sales and implementation) Project manager

2.2. His mission

2.2.1. Letś build a smarter sustainable more honest world

2.3. Education

2.3.1. Business Management Open University

2.3.2. Nicosia

2.3.3. Learned to ptogram by follwoing all kind of online learn program, like coursera, Udemy, Nicosia etc..

3. How I wil find the suspects and create business

3.1. By organizing virtual hackathons and other meetings. I have experience with zoom etc...

3.2. By creating online education content on youtube and other channels.

4. When available

4.1. Oktober 2019

5. Initiate Ideas

5.1. like

5.1.1. Setting up digital canvass with smart contract and currency integration with

5.1.2. Smartcontract platform for

6. Can program in the languages

6.1. Simple smart contracts with Solidity

6.2. Perl

6.3. NodeJs

6.4. PHP

6.5. Not afraid for other languanges

6.6. Python