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1. also called as empiricism/behaviorism

2. refer to the external factors that molds individual's behavior,

3. Nature

3.1. biological factors and genetic characteristics that shapes individual's behavior.

3.2. also called as navitism and innatism

4. Nurture

5. Intelligence Quotient(IQ)

5.1. categorizing people according to their mental abilities.

5.2. it discovers that brain proves that intelligence change as an individual learns new things.

6. Neural Connections

6.1. These are shaped through the exposure in social interaction and in changing in environment.

6.2. Help shapes individual's intellignece

7. Neurosurgeon Paul Broca and Neurologist Carl Wernicke

7.1. They discover about the function of the specific areas in the brain connected with speech development.

8. Multiple Intelligence

8.1. Verbal Linguistic Intelligence

8.2. Logical Mathematics Intelligence

8.3. Musical Intelligence

8.4. Spatial Intelligence

8.5. Existential Intelligence

8.6. Intrapersonal Intelligence

8.7. Interpersonal Intelligence

8.8. Bodily Kinesthetic Intelligence

8.9. Naturalistic Intelligence