Habits of Successful Students

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Habits of Successful Students by Mind Map: Habits of Successful Students

1. experiment and find a system that works for you

2. The students change career in the first two years in the process of discovering their passion.

3. Students who talk to professors in the first six weeks of classes are more likely to stay in university.

4. Organization. There is no right way to be organized

5. Utilize both your internal resourcefulness and ask about other resources that may be available.

6. passion

7. social

7.1. are involved with other people.

7.1.1. They spend time with their friends and put energy into their important relationships.

8. Talk to professors

9. Organization

10. Strategic & Resourceful.

11. Balance

12. Committed

12.1. Committed. Successful students make a commitment to do what it takes to be successful. Make a commitment to yourself to be successful in all aspects of your university experience.