Laughter Out of Place

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Laughter Out of Place by Mind Map: Laughter Out of Place

1. Chapter 4

1.1. Childhood and Children

1.1.1. Bandits Many children not living at home, turn to doing the dirty work of gang activity in harsh and violent environments Gang involvement used to escape poverty as it offered decent wage

1.1.2. Honest workers Children completed minimum wage domestic work to avoid gang involvement Children raised through tough love to ensure poor children’s survival Backfired in some cases as better opportunities arose on the streets outside of domestic work with low wages

2. Chapter 5

2.1. Violence and Gangs

2.1.1. Divisions in class Rio de Janeiro increasing class distinctions Middle class population obsessed with crime and violence due to perpetuated media coverage Gangs responsible for stability and safety of community when under reasonable rule for a period of time Used as alternate justice for cases of rape, adultery, and other crimes in the community.

2.1.2. Drugs synonyms with gangs Lower class understood danger of drugs and realistic use Middle and upper class used recreationally with different meaning

2.1.3. Appeal of gangs Young men offered decent wages Potential escape from poverty Accepted community Gang leaders and drug chiefs are locally sourced and trusted by lower class community to provide needs during emergencies