Healthcare Information Technology.

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Healthcare Information Technology. by Mind Map: Healthcare Information Technology.

1. Hospital

1.1. Electronic health Record

1.1.1. Real time communication with other provides and staff.

2. Providers

2.1. Portal allows patients to interact with health professionals

2.1.1. Telemedicine allows real time connection between patients and providers.

2.2. Electronic medical Record. Providers can transmit information to specialist in a timely manner.

3. Patients

3.1. telemedicine/telehealth... allows providers and patients to interact remotely.

3.1.1. EHR/EMR allows patients to play an active part in their care

3.2. Portal technology. patients can access test results, make appointment and complete registration.

3.2.1. Self-service Kiosk. allows patients to register as well as arrive themselves for appointments.

4. Healthcare Clinics

4.1. Electronic Health Record

4.1.1. Kiosk. expedited registration , information confirmation.