Health Information Management

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Health Information Management by Mind Map: Health Information Management

1. Medical Billing

1.1. Patient Billing

1.1.1. processing and sending patient medical bills

2. Electronic Medical record EMR

2.1. Designed not to be shared beyond the practice

2.1.1. Contains patient and clinical information by one medical profession Used by medical staff for diagnosis and treatment

3. Electronic Health Record EMR

3.1. Capable of being shared with other medical staff and professionals between more than one health care organization

3.1.1. Contains patient history, diagnosis, medical history, medication, treatment plans, allergies, laboratory and test results

4. Personal Health Records PHR

4.1. Also know as PHI Protected Health Information

4.1.1. Patient have the ability to make corrections to their own information Any health information that can identify a patient

5. E Prescribing

5.1. Allows a doctor, physician assistant or ARNP to send medications for a patient

6. Telemedic

6.1. Real time interaction with a medical doctor outside of a doctor's office. Such as an online visit to receive medical care