Libyan EFL classroom

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Libyan EFL classroom by Mind Map: Libyan EFL classroom

1. University teachers

1.1. Teaching CLT as one of other teaching methods

1.1.1. Other methods are GTM, CLT, Total physical method, Suggestopedia, Community language teaching and Audiolingual methods

1.2. Recognise classroom teachers need professional development

1.3. See themselves as EFL experts

1.4. Good teachers means good at grammar

1.5. Refused to give workshops and train EFL teachers because there is no payment

1.6. Unsatisfied to apply evaluation form for teaching practicum

1.6.1. Given by English faculty not their design

1.6.2. Missed many things that they think more important than what is in it

2. University

2.1. Policy and curriculum

2.1.1. Admission process-inadequate

2.1.2. university teachers design EFL content for given outlines

2.1.3. University teachers must find own resources to teach

2.1.4. Lack of consistency in teacher delivery

2.1.5. no professional development

2.2. No partnerships between university and schools

3. Classroom EFL in-service teachers

3.1. No professional development-not mentoring roles on pre-service teachers

3.2. Grammar translation methods

3.3. use of English for English teaching instruction

3.4. Control on students behaviours by marks

3.5. Required to follow teachers guidebook-course book and worbook

3.6. Teacher filter the content and activities because time constraints

3.6.1. Ignoring speaking and listening activities Students' low English level

3.6.2. Teaching as a whole class not group/pair work activities

4. Resources

4.1. Lack of teaching resources

4.2. Limited Internet access

5. Pre-service teachers

5.1. Teaching practicum is only 2 weeks and observation of classroom teachers is only 2 weeks

5.2. Inconsistency of mentoring the pre-service teachers

5.3. No control on students behaviour because they do not control on marks

5.4. Using English for teaching instruction all the time

5.4.1. Because they fear to lose marks

5.4.2. Their supervisors told them to use English as much as they can in the classroom Translation

5.4.3. Use teaching aid and with English to make students understand what they say

5.5. Repetition and dill of new vocabularies

5.6. Motivation to become an EFL teachers

5.7. Motivation to become and English teachers

5.7.1. Motivated High English proficiency Fluent and able to apply spoken English skills

5.7.2. Shy Low English in speaking Lacking proficiency to apply spoken English skills

5.7.3. Demotivated Very Low English in all 4 skills

5.8. Aware of different teaching methods and required to apply the most suitable one for their lessons

5.9. Their supervisors recommend them to follow the teacher guidebook

5.10. The strongly support teaching grammar rules