An Overview of Financial Management

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An Overview of Financial Management by Mind Map: An Overview  of Financial Management

1. Finance within an Organization

1.1. Board of directors

1.1.1. Chief executive Officer ( CEO ) Chief Operating Officer ( COO ) Maketing Production, Human Resources, and other operating Departments Chief Financial Officer ( CFO ) Accounting Treasury, credit, Legal, capital Budgeting, and investor Relations

2. Forms of Business Organization

2.1. Proprietorship

2.1.1. One Individual

2.1.2. Unlimited liability

2.1.3. Lower income taxes than corporation

2.1.4. Easily and inexpensively

2.2. partnership

2.2.1. Two or more persons

2.2.2. Unlimited Liability

2.2.3. Lower income taxes than corporation

2.2.4. Easily and inexpensively

2.3. corporation

2.3.1. Unlimited

2.3.2. Limited Liability

2.3.3. - Corporation income taxes -personal income taxes

2.3.4. Easily and inexpensively

2.4. limited liability

2.4.1. One member

2.4.2. Two or more members

2.4.3. Limited Liability

2.4.4. Personal income taxes

2.4.5. Easily and Inexpensive

3. Intrinsic Values, Stock price, and Executive compensation

3.1. Actual Stock price is higher than intrinsic value : Stock overvalued

3.2. Actual stock price is lower than intrinsic value : Stock undervalued

4. Business Ethics

4.1. A copany can deal with unethical bahavior for profit