Wearable Tech

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Wearable Tech by Mind Map: Wearable Tech

1. Pros

1.1. 1. Wearable tech could help students with time management skills to keep them on track during school and at home.

1.2. 2. Wearable tech could give students a way to communicate with parents and teachers to keep them safe and informed.

1.3. 3. Wearable tech could teach students responsibility to give them something to be accountable for.

1.4. 4. Wearable tech could be a great resource for students to help them learn.

1.5. 5. Wearable tech could offer time-keeping abilities in group work.

1.6. 6. Wearable tech provides students with apps to track health throughout the day.

1.7. 7. Wearable tech could send off reminders to students about due homework or assignments.

1.8. 8. Wearable tech could send quick safety alerts to students and teachers throughout the school building if needed.

1.9. 9. Wearable tech could be offered to all students and set them on an equal playing field to make sure everyone has access to the benefit of having such technology.

1.10. 10. Wearable devices could help students learn how to adapt to new technologies, which is a vital skill in today's world

1.11. 11.The immediate feedback gathered from wearable technology may help students if they reach a tough spot in an assignment and the teacher is not available to help at that moment

1.12. 12. Older students are able to easily record lectures for studying later with wearable devices

1.13. 13. Locations can be tracked for safety purposes as needed

2. Cons

2.1. 1. Wearable tech could be a distraction to students and hinder their learning process.

2.2. 2. We can not always rely on technology to do what it is supposed to do so tech problems would probably arise.

2.3. 3. Schools in lower socioeconomic areas would likely struggle to keep up with the expenses that come with wearable devices, leaving them at another disadvantage

2.4. 4. There are far more technology options with larger screens to enhance learning.

2.5. 5. Wearable tech poses the possibility of students utilizing it to display content to cheat on tests.

2.6. 6. Not everyone knows how to operate wearable tech options, which defeats the purpose of an easy learning tool.

2.7. 7. If the wearable tech broke, it could provide a costly and timely expense to fix it.

2.8. 8. Wearable tech provides minimal abilities that would aid in classroom learning.

2.9. 9. Teachers would have to take valuable time out of lessons to teach new programs.

2.10. 10. If not adequately monitored, bullying could become an issue on devices.

2.11. 11. wearable devices are less versatile than something like a tablet, or laptop.

2.12. 12. Wearable technology tends to have a short battery life