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Titanic by Mind Map: Titanic

1. Rose Dewitt Bukater

1.1. Rose exists not in the real wold, she is a fictitious person/figure

1.2. Rose is daughter of an rich family

1.3. Nickname: Sweet Pea (by Cal) Darlin (by Molly)

1.4. Her personlity is very happy and she has girl power

1.5. She carries dresses every day, she has red curly hair. On the picture has she a blue dres on and whit glove on

1.5.1. On the picture she has a blue dres on and whit glove on

1.6. Rose have brown eyes

1.7. Rose is 17 years old

2. Jack Dawson

2.1. Jack act of Leonardo DiCaprio

2.2. Jack is poor, he has not so many moneys

2.2.1. He has not so dainty clothes on

2.3. Jack has

2.4. Jack Dawson is an artist, and he is good at it

2.5. Jack has blue eyes and brown hair

2.6. Jack (born 1892-1912) so he was 20 years old

2.7. Jack is very sweet and help people

3. Titanic are the ship they yachtsman whit

4. Titanic are a very big ship

5. Titanic the movie about the ship are real

6. But the love story are not true

7. Caledon Hockley

7.1. Cal is acted by Billy Zane

7.2. Caledon is called Cal

7.3. Cal ist not sweet but he is bad and evil