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Titanic by Mind Map: Titanic

1. outside: Cal wears black pants and a white vest and a black jacket. He has black hair and brown eyes. Cal was very rich.

2. jack

2.1. inside: Jack was a very nice and he was good at drawing. I think he was a very open person and he was caring. And Jack was 20 years old.

2.2. outside: He is a handsome young mann. He has brown hair and blue eyes. He is poor and you can see that on his clothing.

3. Rose

3.1. inside: She was on 1st class. She was 17 years old. And she was rich. Rose was dating cal but after Jack saved her she started to like him instead of Cal.

3.2. outside: She wears dress. And she wears a lot of jewelry with diamonds in. Rose has red hair and blue/green eyes. And she has the heart of the sea/ocean.

4. Cal

4.1. inside: He was engaged to Rose. And he was kinda annoying.