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Titanic by Mind Map: Titanic

1. the ship titanic var 269,7 metre long. and the is 28,0 metre wide

2. ydre:

3. indre: He is very undskabsfuld, and he is also very jalux on Jack and Rose forhold

4. Rose Dawson

4.1. ydre: She have ret / braun hair and she have blue/green eyes.

4.2. indre: She is very helpful and she have the possibly also a littel hard.

5. jack Dawson

5.1. Ydre: He has blue eyes and braun hair he has a muscular body

5.2. Indre: they are very helpful. he is also very loving

6. Ruth Dewitt Bukater

6.1. ydre: She is very fine. She have green eyes and ret hair

6.2. Indre: she is very decisive and she wants you to do what she says.

7. tatanic is

8. Caledon hockley