Why integrate technology ?

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Why integrate technology ? by Mind Map: Why integrate technology ?

1. The World is Different

1.1. availability of technology

1.2. Global job Market Requires technology

1.3. Technology demands are more advanced

2. Students are Different

2.1. always on and always connected

2.2. used to stimulating environment

3. Teaching should be different

3.1. teachers need to help students develop st century skills

3.2. teachers should model technology intergration

3.3. Technology lifelong learners

4. Standards are different

4.1. Constantly progressing, including technology standards

4.2. understand the true meaning of technology integration

4.3. ISTE Standards

4.3.1. Copyright & Fair Use Educator 3. Citizen:c: Mentor student in proper use 3.Citizen: D: Model and promote management Student 2. Digital Citizen: b: engage in safe and positive behavior. 2.Digital Citizen: Demo an understand of and respect for the right of others...

4.3.2. Cyberbullying Educator 3.Citizen: a: Create experiences for learners Student 2. Digital Citizen a: Cultivate and manage their digital identify and rep...

4.3.3. Safe Use of the Internet Educator Learner c: Stay current with research Student Digital Citizen:a Cultivate and manage their identity and reputation

4.4. Ohio Technology Standards

4.5. Ohio Subject Standards

5. Skills are different

5.1. Communication & Collaboration

5.2. Research & information literacy

5.3. critical thinking

5.4. linear thinking / non linear thinking

5.5. Visual literacy/ Visual thinking

5.6. Spacial Thinking

5.7. Digital Age Reflection