Advice for 2012 take 2

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Advice for 2012 take 2 by Mind Map: Advice for 2012 take 2

1. Randall

1.1. lower the cost of organizing

1.1.1. provide tools

1.1.2. embrace all enthusiasm

1.1.3. court the technoratti

1.1.4. court the creative class

1.2. non political media helps early on

1.2.1. but can't be controlled

1.3. build bonding capital

1.3.1. early on – liaisons link out to community from official blogs

1.3.2. then disengage above the fray don't taint authenticity distance from your radical base so as to not alienate centrists

1.4. build bridging capital

1.4.1. encourage distribution through established channels

1.4.2. foster organization within existing, visible, public infrastructures HOW?

1.5. Keep your ear to the ground

1.5.1. analyze user-generated media – find the messages that are attracting a large audience - those are working.

1.5.2. organize the librarians and data miners

1.5.3. Use negative info when appropriate

1.5.4. avoid the muck when not appropriate

1.5.5. give supporters a way to frame arguments against attacks

1.6. exploit existing social networks

1.6.1. make sure supporters talk to their social networks

1.6.2. encourage politics in traditionally non-political places email is perfect forum

2. Tolliver

2.1. Media

2.1.1. Develop a press and fun kit easy to download media—video, images and audio Allow reworking of media (CC?)

2.1.2. contests?

2.1.3. invite media producers consistent and inspirational story autobiographies personal blogs SMS campaign rich media via cell (audio video)

2.1.4. encourage sending to friends and family

2.2. Fend off negative attacks

2.2.1. "my confessions" page

2.2.2. Enlist supporters in fighting negative attacks fightthe FactCheck

2.2.3. have supporters ferret out negative information before it happens [email protected]

2.3. opponent research

2.3.1. create a "personal section" on your site that you don't specifically endorse

2.3.2. to broadcast media

3. Gomez Ortigoza

3.1. facilitate tools

3.1.1. facilitate structure

3.1.2. "Organizing is the new campaigning"

3.2. facilitate content

3.2.1. access to the candidate

3.3. facillitate community

3.3.1. court many small donors of $ and time over few large donors of $

3.3.2. stay positive

3.3.3. not on billboards - in peoples lives use the tools youtube twitter facebook etc PR in reverse - campaign listens to public liaisons to connect communities to campaign

3.4. The information flow can’t be stopped.

3.4.1. "anything you say to anyone you are saying to everyone all the time”.

3.5. after victory - avoid the ghost town