If I Just Had More Money

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If I Just Had More Money by Mind Map: If I Just Had More Money

1. Paul Tells Tim to tell Rich people

1.1. 1 Tim 6:18

1.2. 1 Tim 6:9

1.3. Do something that matters!

1.3.1. That’s How To Be Rich!

1.3.2. New Life Center

1.3.3. If you feel like you need more! Want more! Ecc 5:10

2. Series

2.1. Week 1

2.2. Perfectionism Next Week

2.3. Approval Week 4

2.4. Comfort Week 5

2.5. Today Money and stuff

3. Being Rich

3.1. Like to be RICH?!

3.2. I would be good at it

3.3. Curiosity—How many of you are filthy rich?

3.4. What would people do 5 million Dollars

3.4.1. 50% Listen to only country music rest of their lives

3.4.2. 42% would have teeth removed

3.4.3. 50% Would allow one random person on Earth to die

3.4.4. 20% would live in solitude for 20 years

4. Gallop poll What is RICH?

4.1. $30k—$74k would be rich.

4.1.1. Little more than double

4.1.2. You make that... not so rich

4.2. $50k—$100k would be rich

4.2.1. 100,00 not so rich Hockey House

4.3. Top income

4.3.1. 5 million assits

4.3.2. Poor dude, 2 million

4.4. No one feels rich

4.4.1. What I know about you: You don't feel rich, but you want to be rich, we live wanting "a little bit more.

4.4.2. Debt up to eyeballs

4.4.3. Rich is a moving line

4.5. How much do you need to be happy?

4.5.1. Jesus tells us

4.6. Luke 12:15

4.6.1. Volume of stuff does not bring quality of life

5. What you don’t have is what you need to be happy & fulfilled!

5.1. Rich guy has a record year

5.1.1. Build bigger barns

5.1.2. Life of ease

5.1.3. Throw parties

5.2. Luke 12:20

5.3. Luke 12:21

5.4. God wasn’t mad because RICH

5.4.1. God made him Rich

5.4.2. Not rich toward God

5.4.3. Missed the point


6.1. The good news is...!

6.1.1. You are rich

6.1.2. 3 billion people— $2 a day! What are the things that upset you? If you can drive a car you are in the top 15% of the wealthiest people in the world.

6.1.3. Good at being rich—Admit it! Say out loud—I’M RICH! Why do you feel uncomfortable

6.1.4. Eccl 5:19 Should not be embarrassed by blessing

6.2. The bad news is: You’re rich!

6.2.1. Disadvantage Luke 18:24 Luke 18:25

6.2.2. Food, house, Amazon— Never have pray, Give me today daily bread! Missed out on God's faithfulness

6.2.3. Distractions: Busier, More demands, Options—Stuff manage.

6.2.4. Been to a developing nation—Almost jealous!

6.2.5. Lk 12:48 With great power comes great responsibility.

6.2.6. Luke 12:15 It's not stuff We know that Lifestyle does not reflect it. Spending more than I make That is a fool Luke 12:21 Curse of money

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