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Brexit by Mind Map: Brexit

1. UK–EU defence and security cooperation after Brexit

2. Military

2.1. Will the uk's Military become weaker?

2.2. If violence breaks out, who can stop it?

3. Materials and Manufacturing

3.1. Importing

3.2. Trade agreements

3.3. Cost of materials

3.4. Availability of Materials

3.5. Will manufacturers stop exporting to the uk?

3.6. will costs rise if tarrifs rise

3.7. will manufactering bussnesses leave the UK?

3.8. Will manufactures move to the uk?

3.9. If we cant access foreighn workers, will more technology be used in the manufacturing proccess

4. Function

4.1. Protects environment

4.2. Protects small businesses or industries

4.3. Creates a environmental deal between Uk and the EU

4.4. passport allowing workers to continue working in the uk

5. Businesses

5.1. Cost of employment

5.2. Job availability

5.3. lack of skilled workers

5.4. Will businesses have less or more regulations?

5.5. Will business's have to pay more to workers to stay in the uk

5.6. Will employers compete for workers

5.7. can we get workers from eu

5.8. can small bussiness afford tarrifs

5.9. Will tarrifs go up?

5.10. If tarrifs rise, will the goverment, bussinesses or consumers pay

6. Cost

6.1. Will tax payers pay?

6.2. Government

6.3. Summary: Costing Brexit

6.4. The pound may lower

6.5. how much will brexit cost?

6.6. if tariffs increase, will the goverment, bussnesses or the customrer pay.

7. Environment

7.1. Brexit and the environment Protecting what we have | Friends of the Earth

7.2. Brexit’s impact on nature: why we’re involved | Friends of the Earth

7.3. Will laws be passed over?

7.4. Who will enforce environmental laws

7.5. The EU makes up about 80% of the uk's environmental laws.

8. Food

8.1. How can we insure we are getting a safe supply

8.2. There will be more tariffs , increasing costs of food

8.3. Green house to grow inside of uk

8.4. Green house makes sure that all food is safe

8.5. The uk creates its own regulations on the green house

8.6. green house means less importing, leading to less tarrifs

8.7. buying locally helps the environment

8.8. creates jobs

8.9. jobs that do not need as much skill

8.10. produces food for the uk

9. Medicine/ Hospital

9.1. Will we have a trade deal for medicine?

9.2. can we make our own medicine?

9.3. We will be short of staff

9.4. medicine will take a while to come due to border delays

9.5. patients are stressed/ worried and are even stock piling.

9.6. How will Brexit affect medicine supplies and your health? – Which? News