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Careers by Mind Map: Careers

1. Construction worker

1.1. 2 values for construction worker is Working Well With Others and Willingness to Learn

1.2. 2 skills is Math and Language Literacy and Strength and Stamina

1.3. 2 qualities are Coordination and Team player

2. Engineer

2.1. 2 skills for engineer are to work under pressure and Logical Thinking and Reasoning

2.2. 2 qualities for a engineer is Attention to Detail and Natural Curiosity

2.3. 2 values for a engineer are Ownership and Ambition

3. manager

3.1. 2 values for a manager are Responsibility and Willingness to take Risk

3.2. 2 skills for manger are Motivating and Decision-making

3.3. 2 qualities for a manager is Knowing How to Be in Command and focus on employee strengths

4. business owner

4.1. 2 qualities for a business owner is Constant learning and Strategic planning

4.2. 2 skills for a business owner are Project management and planning and Marketing, sales and customer service

4.3. 2 value for a business owner are perseverance and respect

5. soccer player

5.1. 2 qualities are teamwork and intellegince

5.2. 2 skills is concentration skills and excellence.

5.3. 2 values for a soccer player is respect and responsibility