My new mind map

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My new mind map by Mind Map: My new mind map

1. The Qualities:Punctual, proactive, and enthusiastic

2. Values: integrity, quality, honesty, trust, and fairness

3. Skills: communication,teamwork, and the ability to remain calm

4. Pilot

5. Values: Quality, honesty, trust, and fairness

6. Qualities: Dependable, trust worthy, reliable, and hard working

7. The skills: creativity, interpersonal, and commercial awareness

8. Mechanical Engineer

9. Values: Wisdom and creativity

10. Qualities: Passion, easy going, creativity, confident, and adaptability

11. Skills Design skills and knowledge, and customer service skills

12. Architect

13. The values: writing a properly code, self motivation and independence

14. The qualities: Hardworking, independent, reliable, dependable, and co-operative

15. The skills needed: Mathematics skills, writing, communication skills, and a passion for problem solving

15.1. The qualities hardworking, reliable, independent, and dependable:

16. Computer programmer

17. The Values you will have are honesty, trust, and lifelong learning.

18. The qualities are dependable, have good people skills, and have a passion for it.

19. A Photographer:The skills needed to become a one is communication, using mathematics.