Development of Oral Language

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Development of Oral Language by Mind Map: Development of Oral Language

1. Student-Based Instruction

1.1. the use of specific knowledge of students to engage and motivate in the learning process

1.2. Diological reading: actively listening

1.2.1. target comprehension strategies

1.2.2. target phonological awareness

1.3. Lanugage Modeling

1.3.1. having conversations w/ students

1.4. Connecting w/ Families

1.5. Author's Chair

1.6. Semantics

1.6.1. learning about their background/prior knowledge

1.7. Pragmatics

1.7.1. learned through experience (listening/speaking)

2. Evidence-Based Instruction

2.1. effective teaching strategies proven by positive outcomes

2.2. Dialogical Readings

2.2.1. Conversations during read alouds calendar word wall review A.M./P.M. Song Poems Current Event Report Morning Message

2.3. Syntax

2.3.1. Technology Integration games based on language rules

3. Assessment-Based Intruction

3.1. the use of data from assessments to plan effective instructions

3.2. Screening, Diagnostic, Progress Monitoring, Outcome

3.2.1. syntax -rules

3.2.2. phonology - sounds

3.2.3. semantics - word meaning

4. Standards-Based Instruction

4.1. tells us what to teach based on state and common core standards

4.1.1. instruction, assessment, understanding

4.2. syntax

4.3. phonology

4.4. semantics