Suggested Unit Arc

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Suggested Unit Arc by Mind Map: Suggested Unit Arc

1. Days 1-3:

1.1. Choose your team (or work alone)

1.2. Choose a topic to research

1.3. Breach on that concept and related concepts

1.4. Find resources to help your research

1.5. Take notes and/or annotate the sources

2. Days 5-9:

2.1. Completely explain all concepts

2.2. Analyze and interpret your research

3. Days 10-13:

3.1. Develop a claim/counterclaim or thesis statement

3.2. Identify the evidence that will best support your claim/counterclaim or thesis statement

3.3. Interpret the your topic's impact on society

3.4. Draw conclusions

4. Days 14-15:

4.1. Share your learning with the class

4.2. Revise/respond to teacher feedback