Higher Education

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Higher Education by Mind Map: Higher Education

1. Non-tradition types of education

1.1. Distance Education

1.1.1. geographically separated removes barriers can include anyone from anywhere

1.1.2. synchronous or asynchronous video chat discussion boards tests in real-time

1.1.3. uses a form of technology

1.1.4. frequent interaction between student & instructor

1.2. Online Education

1.2.1. uses internet

1.2.2. not geographically separated

1.2.3. can be part of a blended course meet in person & have coursework online

1.3. Correspondence Course

1.3.1. not in real time

1.3.2. self-paced

1.3.3. less interactions

1.3.4. assignments sent to student & student sends back

2. Accreditation

2.1. Federal Regulation

2.1.1. recognizes accreditors doesn't recognize individual programs/institutes

2.1.2. financial aid

2.2. Regional Accreditation

2.2.1. Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges accreditation of distance and correspondence education as well

2.3. Program-Level Accreditors

2.3.1. Nursing NLN/CNEA certificate diploma doctorate masters baccalaureate associate practical nurse program accreditation of these programs via distance education CCNE baccalaureate masters doctoral certificate accreditation of these programs via distance education

3. Current State of Distance Education

3.1. Pros

3.1.1. removes geographical barriers

3.1.2. allows students freedom in schedule job family

3.1.3. students take active role in learning discussions peer feedback

3.1.4. flexible "office hours'

3.2. Cons

3.2.1. training for staff increased need for staff development programs staff need education on distance courses integrate techniques of education

3.2.2. unfamiliar with setting up online course

3.2.3. not enough technology resources

3.2.4. lack emotional expression

3.2.5. possibly misunderstand meaning of written words