Technology - Year 4 (ACTDEK011)

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Technology - Year 4 (ACTDEK011) by Mind Map: Technology - Year 4 (ACTDEK011)

1. Science

1.1. Science Inquiry skills

1.1.1. With guidance, plan and conduct scientific investigations to find answers to questions considerring the safe use of appropriate materials and equipment (ACSIS065)

1.1.2. Consider the elements of fair tests and use formal measurements and digital technologies as appropriate, to make and record observations accurately (ACSIS066)


2.1. Engineering principles and systems Forces, and the properties of materials, affect the behaviour of a product or system (ACTDEK011)

2.1.1. exploring and testing factors that impact on design decisions, for example considering the demographics of an area or the impact of natural disasters on design of constructed environments such as the structural design of buildings in Japan to withstand earthquakes Marble Run: students will participate in designing and constructing of their very own 3 types of marble runs. One needs to be fast, one medium and another slow.

2.1.2. examining models to identify how forces and materials are used in the design of a toy Moving Toys: Push or pull affects – how an object moves or changes shape (helicopter prototypes; making them fly)

2.1.3. deconstructing a product or system to identify how motion and forces affect behaviour, for example in a puppet such as a Japanese bunraku puppet or a model windmill with moving sails Propeller-Powered Car: Fast and fun, the propeller car is a hands-on lesson in air-powered thrust and inertia

2.1.4. identifying and exploring properties and construction relationships of an engineered product or system, for example a structure that floats; a bridge to carry a load Spaghetti Bridges: Students will create a bridge model, constructed to hold a certain weight in order to transport food over to Rottnest island. Local Relevant Issues

2.1.5. experimenting with available local materials, tools and equipment to solve problems requiring forces including identifying inputs (what goes in to the system), processes (what happens within the system) and outputs (what comes out of the system), for example designing and testing a container or parachute that will keep an egg intact when dropped from a height

3. Maths

3.1. Measurement and Geometry

3.1.1. Use scaled instruments to measure and compare lengths, masses, capacities and temperatures (ACMMG084)