Project: Save the Earth

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Project: Save the Earth by Mind Map: Project: Save the Earth

1. Statement of the Problem

1.1. Discuss the current situation of the Earth.

1.2. Input the cause of the problems.

2. Main Content

2.1. Explain the results of these problems.

2.2. Tell the effect of these to our lives and to all.

3. Campaign changes

3.1. Tell how we help to protect the earth.

3.2. List possible activities to avoid more damages to our planet.

4. References

4.1. Insert where the information were taken.

4.2. Put the links of the sources.

5. Introduction

5.1. Tell the brief explanation about the website.

5.2. Put a hook-question or statements.

6. Objectives

6.1. State the goals of the topic

6.2. Announce why it is relevant.

7. Contact Informations

7.1. Insert how they can contact the authors.

7.2. Put social medias and email adress.

8. Authors Information

8.1. List the authors and editors of the website

8.2. Insert their credibility and essential informations.