Murali - The Navigation Law

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Murali - The Navigation Law by Mind Map: Murali - The Navigation Law

1. Leader is One

1.1. Who Sees More Than Others See…

1.2. Who Sees Farther Than Others See…

1.3. Who Sees Before Others Do…

1.4. Where Leader go others follow

1.4.1. Draw from Past Experiences

1.4.2. Examine conditions before making commitments

1.4.3. Listen to What others have to say

1.4.4. Listen to What others have to days

1.4.5. Examine conditions before making commitments

1.4.6. Draw from Past Experiences

2. The Laws

2.1. Lay out your Goals

2.2. Predetermine Course of Action

2.3. Adjust Your Priorities

2.4. Notify Key Personnel

2.5. Allow time for Acceptance

2.6. Head into Action

2.7. Expect Problems

2.8. Always Point to Success

2.9. Daily Review your Plan

3. Review your Plan Daily

3.1. World Traffic Lights

3.1.1. Daily Dropped member report?

4. A Good Leader

4.1. Has a Vision of the Destination

4.2. Plans how to Get There

4.3. Remains Focused

4.4. "Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future." —John F. Kennedy