A book (biology)

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A book (biology) by Mind Map: A book (biology)

1. what it was about

1.1. biology: (ACTUALLY) textbook for university.

1.2. It includes interesting topics, ranging from mitosis /maɪˈtəʊ.sɪs/, meiosis /maɪˈəʊ.sɪs/ to photosynthesis,

1.3. I don't find it hard to understand because of

1.3.1. many colourful illustrations (hình minh họa) and diagrams (sơ đồ)

1.3.2. as well as interesting facts (con số thực tế)

2. enjoy = be into = be fond of

3. helps me a lot in my studies

4. what is more = besides = moreover

5. how long it took you to read

5.1. why you read it

5.1.1. highly recommended us to read provide in-depth/profound knowledge of the subject involve lots of digrams easy to remember for a long time is written/organised in a logical way --> (so/therefore) pretty easy to grab the main ideas compared to/with (in comparison with) our current textbook

5.2. started reading the book since last Wednesday and I am in page 10 or so now.

5.3. And I guess it might take up to a year to read and learn the whole thing in that book. (YOU KNOW) It is a pretty thick book and I have a HECTIC (busy) schedule.

6. why you enjoyed it

6.1. First, logical to read and easy to understand

6.2. attractive (APPEALING) thanks to their great diagrams