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Animal Tissue by Mind Map: Animal Tissue

1. Connective tissue

1.1. Proper

1.1.1. Loose Holds organs in place Under skin Around blood vessels Between organs

1.1.2. Dense Regular Parallel collagen fibers Irregular Provide strength to resist force Elastic Stabilized positions of vertebrae and penis

1.2. Specialized

1.2.1. Adipose Stores fat for energy and insulation Beneath skin In breast Between muscle Around heart and joints

1.2.2. Blood Transports gases, nutrient Red blood cells (erythocytes) White blood cells (leukocytes) Platelets Plasma

1.2.3. Cartilage Hyaline Flexible support Elastic Provides support Fibrocartilage Resist compression

1.2.4. Bone Firm support

2. Ephitelial Tissue

2.1. Simple

2.1.1. Squamous Diffusion & Osmosis Glomeruli Alveoli Lining of Heart

2.1.2. Cuboidal Secretes and absorb substance Duct of glands Ovary surface

2.1.3. Columnar Sweeps egg/embryo Uterine tubes Secretes and absorbs Lining of digestive tract

2.2. Stratified

2.2.1. Squamous Protects from abration Keratinized Non-keratinized

2.2.2. Cuboidal (rare) Convey sweat Sweat gland duct Secretes hormones Mammary gland

2.2.3. Columnar (rare) Protection and hormones Pharynx Male urethra Vas deferens

2.3. Pseudostratified Columnar

2.3.1. Secretes and propels mucus Upper respiratory tract

2.4. Translational Ephitelial

2.4.1. Stretches Lines the ureters Urinary bladder Part of urethra

3. Muscle tissue

3.1. Skeletal

3.1.1. Attached to bones Provides movement Under voluntary control Attached to skeleton and skin

3.2. Smooth

3.2.1. Oragans Propels substances Under involuntary control In the walls of hollow organs

3.3. Cardiac

3.3.1. Heart Blood circulation Under involuntary control In the walls of the heart

4. Nervous tissue

4.1. Neuron

4.1.1. Nerve cells

4.1.2. Perform electrical communication

4.1.3. Connect another neuron for synapsae

4.2. Neuroglial

4.2.1. Supporting cells

4.2.2. Repair and supply nutrients to neuron