Education in Ontario: Who Does What?

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Education in Ontario: Who Does What? by Mind Map: Education in Ontario: Who Does What?

1. The Minister

1.1. Responsible for developing educational laws and policies

2. Public School Boards

2.1. Operate publicly-funded elementary and secondary schools; ensuring that schools are equipped with the necessary programs and staff for ultimate success.

2.2. Regulate and supervise school operations spanning the province.

2.3. Have Trusties who are publicly-elected members of the school board; liaising between the public and the education system

3. Principals

3.1. Manages individual school educational, administrative, and disciplinary affairs with the assistance of a Vice-Principal

4. School Councils

4.1. Made up generally of students' parents and legal guardians. However, include the a principal, teacher, student, non-teaching staff member, and general members of the community.

4.2. Advise advise principals and school boards on issues with the educational programs and a school’s operations

5. Ontario College of Teachers (OCT)

5.1. Regulates the teaching profession and governs its members through the Ontario College of Teachers Act, 1996

5.2. Responsible for setting standards and requirements for teachers and teacher candidates at Ontario Universities

5.3. Develops codes of conduct for teachers, investigates complaints against teachers, revokes licenses of teachers if necessary.

6. Ontario Federation of Teachers (OFT)

6.1. Governed by the Teaching Profession Act, 1990 and Regulations of the Teaching Profession Act

6.2. Responsible for providing the best working conditions, ongoing education and training for teachers in Ontario.

7. The College of Early Childhood Education (CECE)

7.1. Responsible for governing the self-regulating profession of early childhood education in Ontario under the Early Childhood Educators Act, 2007.

8. Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO)

8.1. Established by the Ontario Government in 1996 to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of K-12 education.

8.2. Responsible for the development, administration of standardized performance tests to elementary and secondary school students. Then reporting the results of these tests to the Ministry and the public.

8.3. The EQAO is also responsible for suggesting any required development to the tests and education to improve test result.

9. Private Schools

9.1. They are operated independently of public school boards. Do not receive funding through the Ministry of Education in Ontario

9.2. Those offering the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) must comply with the Government of Ontario secondary school curriculum guidelines

9.3. Are not required to hire teachers who are members of the Ontario College of Teacher.