My sales are down over last year

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My sales are down over last year by Mind Map: My sales are down over last year

1. Returns?

2. Overall

2.1. How are my peers in my department doing?

2.2. How are other related departments doing?

3. Item/Category Driven

3.1. Units Down

3.1.1. Have I made any changes that make this expected? I made an assortment change Chose different colors/patterns Cost negotiation lowered price for this year I chose to carry more of a different item Did I change the way the item is being displayed Did I change the facings I changed my feature arrangement/placement Am I anniversaring Are the items I replaced doing as well Was the feature time frame changed What was the productivity of last years feature Was it featured on TAB last year

3.1.2. Has the supplier made any changes? Changes in quality Changes in packaging Changes in color

3.1.3. Is this part of a general trend for the category/item? Is it following the same rate of decline or improvement that I expect to see?

3.1.4. Is it in a specific area of the country? Is it instock What are my receipts for this item Where is my stock low? How are my division X stores doing? What is my Inventory Is it a regional issue? Weather Yes, but none of the above Other major event

3.1.5. Is it a pricing problem? What is my market share? Up Down Is my AUR different? Yes, lower Yes, higher Was there a supplier cost increase? Agreed upon? Not agreed upon...

3.1.6. Layaway

3.2. Units Flat/Higher

4. Did something happen last year?

4.1. Holiday Flip

4.2. What is the average over the last several years

4.3. Big Event I can recall easily that drove sales last year

4.4. Did I have bad in-stock levels last year?

4.5. Mod Flip/Early Markdowns?