Global Education

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Global Education by Mind Map: Global Education

1. Achieving Universal Education

2. Measuring Quality Education

2.1. School Attendance and Completion

2.2. Inequities in Student Achievement

2.3. Inequality in Education and Life Chances: Select Examples

2.3.1. Diminishing Returns in Income and Lifestyle

2.4. Education in South Africa

2.5. The Special Cases of Indigenous Peoples

2.6. Teachers and Teacher Qualifications

3. The Pivotal Problem of Funding

4. Reaching More With Education

4.1. Reducing or Eliminating the Costs Borne by Households

4.2. Children With Disabilities

4.3. Caring for Children in Conflict Areas and Disaster Situations

4.4. Adult Education for Literacy and Jobs

4.5. Extending Education to Pre-Primary Education

5. Improving the Quality of Education

5.1. Schools for Life

5.2. Reforming the System

5.2.1. Additional support to Disadvantaged Schools and Students

5.2.2. Improve Teaching Quality and Teachers’ Career Prospects and Incentives

5.2.3. Strengthen Connections Between Education and Industry

5.3. Establishing Education as a Human Right