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1. Visual

2. Practical

2.1. Learn by practicing repeatedly, especially coached practice

2.2. Learn by conducting an experiment

2.3. Learn by taking action in the field, by doing it.

2.4. Learn by preparing a public presentation.

2.5. Learn by trial and error.

2.6. Learn by taking a job that requires the performance you seek.

3. Social

3.1. Learn by being told—through lessons, lectures, presentations.

3.2. Learn by asking someone what you want to know.

3.3. Learn by teaching someone else.

3.4. Learn by working cooperatively with others as a team.

4. Logical-Theoretical

4.1. Learn by being shown—from examples, demonstrations, and models.

4.2. Learn from an online or distance education course.

4.3. Learn by studying books or other print resources.

4.4. Learn by searching the Internet.

4.5. Learn by grouping, categorizing, and clarifying.

4.6. Learn by creating conceptual maps of relationships among items or ideas.

4.7. Learn by thinking metaphorically: link the known to the unknown.

5. Reflexive

5.1. Learn by mentally rehearsing.

5.2. Learn by teaching yourself

5.3. Learn by visualizing—by imagining things that might be.

5.4. Learn from failure how not to fail; from success, how to succeed.

5.5. Learn by thinking for yourself—forming opinions, reaching conclusions.

5.6. Learn intuitively: discover what you know instinctively.

5.7. Learn from observing yourself: your thoughts, emotions, and actions

6. Linguistic

7. Auditory