TSM: SOLO Taxonomy

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TSM: SOLO Taxonomy by Mind Map: TSM: SOLO Taxonomy

1. SOLO stands for the 'structure of observed learning outcomes'.

2. Conceptual understanding

2.1. There are five levels of thinking in SOLO taxonomy. Students move from no prior knowledge to surface/factual knowledge to conceptual+abstract thinking.

2.1.1. Connection to LP/knowledgeable and conceptual understanding

2.1.2. Connection to inquiry learning - Students research and inquire before analysing and transferring the information to deepen their understanding

2.2. Capability >>> Build/develop conceptual understandings within and across subjects

3. Assessment

3.1. SOLO can be used when constructing and co-constructing success criteria or rubrics.

3.2. + when planning units of inquiry. Helps students progress from a shallow to a deeper understanding.

3.3. + when teachers, PYPX mentors and classmates are feeding forward to students

3.4. Capability >>> Utilize assessment to inform learning and teaching

4. ATLs

4.1. Thinking skills, research skills, etc are needed for SOLO

5. Learner agency

5.1. SOLO can be used by students when they are planning their PYP Exhibition or another UOI

5.2. Capability >>> Undertake personal inquiry, reflection, and action to inform their practice