Identification of paints

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Identification of paints by Mind Map: Identification of paints

1. Dope

1.1. Used to color and protect the fabric covers of early airplanes.

1.1.1. Provides protection against UV rays, weather and increased strenght.

1.2. Used under Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Technical Standard Order (TSO) C-15d/AMS 3806c.

1.3. Based on cellulose nitrate.

2. Synthetic enamel

2.1. Paint based in oil.

2.2. Provides durability and protection.

2.3. One of the most economical finishings.

3. Lacquers

3.1. Obtained from nitrocellulose procesed in the 1920's decade.

3.2. Produce a hard and semiflexible finish.

3.2.1. Easy repairments with new spot coat appication.

3.3. Are not used now for external coating

3.3.1. Has a low durability in environmental conditions.

4. Polyurethane

4.1. Best abrasion, stain and chemical resistance properties

4.1.1. High resistance against UV radiation.

4.2. Today is the most used in commercial aviation.

5. Urethane coating

5.1. Two-part based compound

5.1.1. Base and catalyst.

5.2. Chemical and abrasion resistant, brightness and durable coating.

6. Acrylic Urethane

6.1. Dries to harder surfaces.

6.2. Is not as resistant as polyurethane

6.2.1. Needs UV radiation inhibitors.